PuraPlas™ platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a proactive, therapeutic hair rejuvenation system designed to treat classic signs of hair loss and help restore your confidence.

PuraPlas™ aids in the body’s natural repair process and contains Growth Factors known to boost the growth of hair follicle stem cells and revitalize the hair root foundation to grow a thicker and healthier head of hair.  

The PuraPlas™ system is optimized to assist these Growth Factors in treating inactive or recently transplanted hair follicles.

How It Works

The PuraPlas™ system uses your own blood to isolate plasma, where a concentrate of nutrients and platelets reside.  Platelets are cells that naturally assist your body in healing and generating new tissue.

Platelets also contain Growth Factors, which are involved in stem cell migration, and ultimately activate, rejuvenate and regenerate cells throughout the body.  

By isolating the platelet-rich portion of your blood and injecting it back into target regions, you are able to fight the signs of lost or thinning hair using your body’s natural biology.


Using PuraPlas™ for rejuvenation of the hair follicle stem cells provides many advantages:

• Efficient and simple  • Little-to-no downtime  • Reduced risk of infection (non-allergenic)

Personalized (genetic) treatment  Treat multiple locations 


Since Growth Factors in PRP are known to actively stimulate the proliferation of stem cells throughout the body, the growth and survival of the hair roots may be increased by prolonging the growth phase of the hair cycle.

This may lead to higher success rates and longer-term results for regenerating your natural hair.

PRP takes time to facilitate this potential rejuvenation effect. Generally results can be seen as soon as three to six months.

Multiple treatments may be necessary to obtain optimal results for your hair loss condition.

Consult your physician for realistic expectations regarding the specific reason(s) of your hair loss and the optimal number of treatments that may be necessary.

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